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and political smear attack. that's what republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman today called allegations from her former housekeeper. now at this hour the housekeeper's attorney is firing back. anne makovec shows us the drama that just keeps unfolding. >> reporter: gloria allred is the attorney for that housekeeper. she says that she has evidence that meg whitman knew her housekeeper was working here in the u.s. illegally. but if that is evidence what we think it could be, whitman has preemptively refuted it. here's a live picture. news conference in los angeles. they are setting up. attorney gloria allred and nicky diaz santillan are expected to reveal a document that they say proves whitman knew she was here illegally. the speculation is it is a letter sent by the federal government to whitman in 2000 that diaz's social security number didn't match up. whitman spoke out out out earlier and didn't see the letter as the housekeeper got the mail. >> the nicky that i knew was not the nicky that i saw at that press conference yesterday. reading from that prepared statement, those weren't ni
>>> a serious accusation against meg whitman, as merformer housekeeper comes forward and says meg whitman knew she was working illegally. >> we have to hold employers accountable. >> meg whitman responded. >> all the documentation that we had said she was legal. >> we will hear more from meg whitman. the allegations came to light today that meg whitman knowingly employed an ellegal immigrant as a made. gloria alred said she will prove that she knew. >> reporter: throughout her employment, mickey was undocumented and she alleges meg whitman was aware and may have understood that she was vulnerable. meg whitman told her that she announced her campaign for governor. it was at this point that she decided she would speak for meg whitman for help to legalize her status. when she asked for help, she was terminated. >> meg, please can you help me. she was very upset and said no. i have never see you. and you have never seen me. understand me. i realize at that moment she didn't appreciate my work. so she throw me away. >> she said i need to talk to you about something and she came over to
niños asesinados. >> la republicana meg whitman y jerry brown se enfrentaron hoy. >> ambos candidatos expusieron sus planes. >> meg whitman propone crear empleos en el área de manufactura y jerry brown en áreas verdes . >> meg whitman muy comoda presento su tactica. >> la clave es crear empleos. >> pero jerry brown parece que leyo de unos apuntes y tambiñn quiere acortar los salarios de los legisladores. >> jerry brown utilizo el sentido del humor y en un momento dijo que el no favorecera a los millonarios, molestando a meg whitman . >> jerry brown legalizara a nivel federal. >> pero meg whitman dijo que ella no. >> al final meg whitman se reunio con los periodistas. >> ella dijo que favorecera solo a los empleados documentados. >> esto permitio conocer a whitm >> asi es buenas noches, las reacciones no se hicieron esperar, entre ambos hay mucha diferencia. >> un grupo de profesionales se reunieron para saber las posiciones de meg whitman y jerry brown . >> me molesto que ella noc crea en las ciudades santuarios, cada ciudad puede tener el derecho de recibir a quien quiera. >> meg
laborales, de ditada de gobierno que qiéñ trabajo para meg whitman pese a que la ex presidenta dijo que meg whitman conocía su e su us de migración, dice que cuando fue candidata sobre vino su despido, la oficina dijo que ora.ntonio banderas rara no estaba a talt. >>> la amla ex empleada tambié presentó una demanda para pedir que le paguen, salarios no cubierto. >>> vamos con más detalles de esta información. reportera: estoy aquí haciendo esto porque sñ que muchas meg whitman allá afuera que están maltratando a mucha vickis. >>> fue hace año. >>> me di cuenta en este momento que nunca aprecio o mi trabajo sentí que me estaba tirando a la basura, como nada. >>> la señor día fue la empleada domestica de la meg whitman y durante 9 años dic haberle entre ga su vida, pero todo termino cuando trató de pedir ayuda para arreglar su situación de migración. >>> le pedí que me ayudara a conseguir un abogado de migración la señor serio bol teo la cara en este momento entro el doctor y de desde este momento su paso difrl comenzó. >>> el doctor estaba enojado y dijo te lo d
campaña de meg whitman, una criada dice que fue contratada ilegalmente y que fue tratada mal. >> niky díaz fue tratada mal por meg whitman . >> ella me dijo, tu nunca ma has visto y no nos conocemos. >> la abogada defensora dijo que sabia que niky era inmigrantes ilegales y que sabia que era ilegal por eso la despidio. >> me dolio, despuñs de 9 años me di cuenta que nunca aprecio mi trabajo. >> sin embargo la campaña de meg whitman dice que ella nunca supo de que niky era ilegal . >> meg whitman le dijo que ella no sabia y que cuando se entero no la pudo seguir contratando. >> la familia de meg whitman dice que niky era una amiga de la familia pero que esta siendo usada con fines politicos. >> jerry brown dice que una vez más se demuestra que meg whitman cree que las leyes no son para ellas, una vez más ella ha fallado. >> yo se que muchos haya afuera son maltratados como yo . >> niky es una sirvienta del área de la bahia y que es de mexico >>en su solicitud muestra fácilidad para trabajar en el sector donde vive meg whitman . >> las reacciones comenzaron inmediatame
involving republican gubernatorial, meg whitman. and her housekeeper, the questions of what did meg whitman know? and once again, she denies that she knew that she was an undocumented worker. she denied that she received a letter from the social security administration from 2003 that her number and name did not match. she accused her opponent, jerry brown of being tthe entire incident which he is calling a political smear to the make a mistake that these allegations are completely untrue. we saw that she was part of our family. once we saw that she was an illegal alien when it to terminate her unemployment. my husband nor i received any letter from the social security administration. if there is a letter of there? i do not know how they got it is not in our house. frankly, i think jerry brown who of what his allies have been trying to do. perhaps jerry brown has been into politics too long. to know anything else in this is a baseless smear attacks and he should be ashamed of himself. >> less than one hour of the nethe news conference, and the housekeeper and the attorney was back into camer
. democrat, jerry brown and republican, meg whitman have both 41 percent of the support of likely voters. 18 are undecided and this has a margin error of 4.1 percentage. jerry brown points out that these numbers that he has taken the best shot from meg whitman. after the $119 million she has spent. and also, that meg whitman is even even with female voters usually a strong support. >> this race is very competitive, and recent polls ahead. however, this is a very close race and it is going down to the wire. we have just stood the most expensive political barrages in political history were not only growing stastandi, growing tall, and now, we're really stepping up the campaign. out, about. and to see this campaign kick in. kron says that even race with women voters according to the poll says that- brown says that it is every category. >> meg whitman released for stance on the state proposition's today. so far, only jerry brown on three of these. proposition 19, the legalization of marijuana both of these oppose the south. proposition 23 is implementing the air control quality. and also, propos
was not a human being. she would throw me away like a piece of garbage. >> it's meg whitman versus an undocumented employee. shaking up the governor's race. we learn if there will be more to this story tomorrow. >>> no cash, no cards? no problem. how to turn your cell phone into a mobile money machine. >>> the principal balance of the loan hadn't gone down. >> if you have a student loan, you may want to check the bill. what lenders are doing to get you to keep paying. >>> the attorney for meg whitman's former housekeeper tells us she will release evidence tomorrow that whitman knew that the maid was an illegal immigrant. this after a traumatic day and saw the maid sobbing in front of live tv cameras. whitman insisting she didn't know the woman was in the country illegally. robert miles on this surprise in the race for governor. >> reporter: the undocumented maid claimed she worked here at meg whitman's home for almost a decade. she goes on to say that entire time she was financially abused, exploited, and ultimately fired but only after meg whitman decided to run for governor. choking back tears,
. but boy, he and meg whitman going at it with ads. the ads are all about how -- what was gerry brown like as governor. she's got the ads out there. he has an ad with bill clinton. >> she does. >> she does, yes. it is now joined and you're going to start seeing debate. it's going to be i think a lively campaign. >> carla, meg whitman spent a lot of money over the summer leading up to labor day and jerry brown launched his first ad. what's he doing this weekend? is he coming in swinging? >> this is sort of i have to say getting to be a point of concern for some democrats in that meg whitmans that infrastructure that a presidential campaign has in california. she's got every -- in every area, offices open. she's got her constituent groups, african-americans for whitman, latinos, jews for whitman. jerry brown is kicking this off. we did talk to some democrats who said she has been fundraising in new york, for instance, picking up very big checks from big corporate folks who can give them maximum $25,000. jerry brown not so much. he can pick up money but from smaller donors, that's harder work
this morning against gubernatorial candidate meg whitman the day after her first debate with jerry brown. at this hour her former housekeeper is holding a news conference to make serious allegations while the candidate herself is on familiar ground in the silicon valley. terry? >> meg whitman arrived here a short time ago, not available to the press before the event. she will be after. her campaign is really ratcheting into high gear responding to charges when we don't even know what the charges are. take a look inside the auditorium at building 9 at the sysco campus where you can see it looks like a meg whitman event. we were told by cisco officials that this is a conversation with cisco employees and that jerry brown has been offered an invitation to have his own later. here's what we know, a nine-year former housekeeper of whitman is filing a lawsuit because of the way whitman allegedly treated her during those nine years. she is represented by an attorney that has represented many high profile women over the years. they said this woman said she was a legal resident, turned out not to
customers more effecvely. >> explosive charges this morning against gubernatorial candidate meg whitman the day after her rst debate with jerry brown. at this hour her former housekeeper is holding a news conference to make serious allegations while the candidate herself is on familiar ground in the silicon valley. tery? >> meg whitman arrived here a short time ago, not availae to the press before the event. she will be after. her campaign is really ratcheting into high gear responding to charges when we don't even kw what the charges are. take a look inside the auditorium at building 9 at the sysco campu where you can see it looks like a meg whitman event. we were told by cisco officls that this is a conversation with cisco employeesnd that jerry brown has been offered an invitation to have his own later. here's what we know, a nine-year former housekper of whitman is filing a lawsuit because of the way whitman allegedly treated her during those nine years. she is represented by an attorney that has represented many high profile women over the yea. they said this woman said she was a l
for every vote. >> turf war, meg whitman ramps up her campaign deep in the heart of jerry brown territory. >>> and a giant symbol of peace and harmony arrives in the bay area, it's being kept under wraps, we'll show you anyway. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. it appears the death toll from the san brown oh explosion has climbed from 4 to 7. just a few hours ago the family of three missing people released a statement saying that their loved ones are dead. 50-year-old greg bullis. his 16-year-old son william and his elderly mother ivan were in a home next the blast site. the remains of two men and one woman have been discovered at the house. they are now performing dna testing on the remains. final confirmation of the eye den it's the could take several weeks. >>> there was a vigil tonight for the mother and daughter killed in that explosion. people gathered at st. cecelia catholic church to remember a jaclyn greg and her 13-year-old daughter gentleman necessary a. the 8-t grader was the student body president at st. cecelia school. there will be a funeral mass at the chur
to take advantage of reel disaster victims. >>> meg whitman is moving into jerry brown territory right into the heart of oakland. and tonight she is making her presence very well known. robert liles shows us how. robert? >> reporter: dana, consider this. oakland vote ersie elected jerry brown mayor twice, in fact this city is largely made up of registered democratic voters, but behind me is not an office for a democratic gubinatorial candidate, instead it's the republican candidate. so does all of this prime leased space mean that meg whitman is offering up a window into a winning campaign or into a political blunder? meg whitman's campaign says the gubinatorial hopeful opened this satellite campaign office at lake shore and 580 in mid- july for one reason. >> we believe the election will be very close so we need to fight inform every vote, every vote in oakland, every vote in san francisco, every vote in san jose, every vote in the bay area, every vote across the state. >> reporter: when cbs cameras arrived early this evening it was easy to see directly into the front windows of meg 2
semanas para las eleccionos, hoy se enfrentan, pero esto puede ser delimitante. >> hoy meg whitman y jerry brown se enfrentan en television, ambos mostraran sus ideales conservadores. >> meg whitman es vista como la más convincente. >> mucha gente esta en favor y contra. >> estamos con jerry brown sabemos que el peleara por nosotros, con trabajo. >> si te gusta ver lo que pasa ahora, entonces quedate con jerry brown si quieres un buen cambio con meg whitman . >> las temperaturas al volver. >> (música) . (música). >> que tal amigos buenas tardes, hoy fue un día con calor. >> el calor se sigue sintiendo. >> mañana las temperaturas arriba de los 90 . >> sigue despejado pero comienza a descender el día jueves. >> fin de semana estupendo hay que aprovecharlo san francisco y san josñ . >> les tengo más detalles solo a las 11. >> aumentar la edad para recibir el seguro social, traera malas consecuencias para los latinos. >> la casa blanca quiere aumentar la jubilacion. >> se estima que para el 2050 los latinos seran el 30 por ciento de la poblacion de estados unidos . >> (música) pasam
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the playgrounds are able to open. maureen kelly. >> and southern california, more attacks between meg whitman and the housekeeper. first she claims she did not know that her housekeeper was an undocumented worker and then she said she did not receive the letter from 2003 questioning the social security number of the undocumented worker. and then the attorney of the housekeeper has meg whitman set and rating on it and he says he does not recall that. - handwriting is possible that he could have written on that. >> and another big store, the 10 million toys and furniture of fisher-price. with a safety concerns, and several parents asking about what they thought about the recall. the reaction was mixed and some people said the company is doing the right thing. to get dangerous products off the shelves and others expressed concern about the amount of safety testing. and they say that a company that makes toys for children should be more cautious about what products make it to the market. in emeryville, jeff bush. >> at the fremont police department, gregg says that todd young remains hospitalized
stumping for billionaire gubernatorial candidate meg whitman in hollywood when he talked down a man in the audience, who was just trying to get whitman to answer a question. here it is. >> hey, hey, listen. hey, listen, you know what, you want to yell, yell at me. but don't give her a hard time. we're here -- we're here talking about the future of the state of california and the future of our country and you know what -- >> the truth. >> and you know what, let me tell you -- let me tell you this. you know, what it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. we're here to bring this country together, not to divide it. >> what did he say about raising voices? christie loves to claim the moral high ground at town hall meetings, he got a habit of that. take a look at how he treated a schoolteacher in his own state earlier this month. >> because of the budget cuts that you have implemented, i'm going to have a hard time paying my bills this year. >> well, a few things. first of all, i am not lambasted the public school system in the state
>> protesters are gathered right now outside the mondavi center where jerry brown and meg whitman are set to go face to face in their debate. >> it has been a tense campaign so far with both candidates releasing political ads accusing the other of lying about their records. the most recent field poll but whitman and brown in a tie with many voters still undecided about who will get their vote. tonight, they face off live on tv. ktvu tv is the only station where you can watch it live. >> we take you inside the mondavi center live. >> good evening to our television, radio, and internet audience across this state, and beyond. and also good evening to all of you here at ucdavis at jackson hall at the mondavi center. we welcome to this first debate between these two candidates this year. we would like to again thank everyone for being here, and we would like to please welcome the democratic and republican nominees for the governor of the state of california, jerry brown and meg whitman. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> our questions coming tonight from our panel of three journalists, amy c
? and gubernatorial candidate meg whitman faces a tough crowd in san francisco. and the lafayette native climbing el capitan in yosemite five inches at a time. all of that coming up and then on "nightline." >> coming up, how the captain of one of the most feared mob families left without ending up in a body bag. amazing stories. and rogue waves. the giant walls of water that the giant walls of water that come out of nowowowowowowowowoww our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. being considered, close half of the city's schools to cut costs. it is a consolidation plan that would create mega schools with a significant age gap. here is alan wang. >> it is bac
the issues that really matter to california voters. >> republican gubernorial candidate meg whitman goes on the offensive again. just moments ago she attacked the accusations made by an illegal immigrant she employed as a housekeeper. >> meg whitman call it is a political smear by jerry brown and his supporter celebrity reporter gloria allred. whitman is still holding her news conferee. >> the conference is going on and attorney glia allred has a news conference coming up soon. that's talking aut a social securit letter sent to whitman proving the gubernatorial candidate knew she had hired an immigrant. she will show it to everyone. >> our evidence will show she is lying. >> high profile attorney gloria allred says at noon she will show this evidenc a social security letterrom 2003 stating there were discrepancies with the paperwork provided by meg whitman's form housekeeper nikki dion. it's unliky it sent a warning letter like that unless an employer had hired ten people with mismatched social security numbers. the whitman believes allred is in cahoots with jerry brown. >> no one from j
mcsweeney live in oakland. candidate for governor meg whitman is being accused of hiring an illegal immigrant despite her stand against it. today we're being promised we're going to get more evidence on this. we'll tell you about that evidence coming up. >> here's a live look from ballmer peak. look at the fog. it is back and so is the cool sea breeze. we'll show you the dramatic drop in some areas and warm in others today. >> we have two hot spots this thursday morning. one is an overturn crash in dublin. westbound 580, the two right lanes are blocked. traffic's going to be jammed out of the altamont pass. we'll keep an eye on this and an update on the earlier accident on westbound 37 in vallejo. >> good thursday morning, everyone. it is one minute past 6:00. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's talk about those traffic problems. >> what's the bad news? >> okay, eric, i think this one because it's an overturn crash and apparently one of the cars is on fire and possibly someone trapped in the vehicle, this is really going to mess things up as you make your way out of livermore
matter to california voters. >> republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman goes on the offensive again. just moments ago she attacked the accusations made by an illegal immigrant she employed as a housekeeper. >> meg whitman call it is a political smear by jerry brown and his supporter celebrity reporter gloria allred. whitman is still holding her news conference. >> the conference is going on and attorney gloria allred has a news conference coming up soon. that's talking about a social security letter sent to whitman proving the gubernatorial candidate knew she had hired an immigrant. she will show it to everyone. >> our evidence will show she is lying. >> high profile attorney gloria allred says at noon she will show this evidence, a social security letter from 2003 stating there were discrepancies with the paperwork provided by meg whitman's former housekeeper nikki dion. it's unlikely it sent a warning letter like that unless an employer had hired ten people with mismatched social security numbers. the whitman believes allred is in cahoots with jerry brown. >> no one from jer
in the race for governor. >> reporter: the undocumented maid claimed she worked here at meg whitman's home for almost a decade. she goes on to say that entire time she was financially abused, exploited, and ultimately fired but only after meg whitman decided to run for governor. choking back tears, nicky diaz santillan that her status was not a secret from her former employer. >> we have no food, no job, no place to live. and for that reason, we made a decision to come here. i tell her that she knew that. and i don't have papers to work here. and i need her help. i want her to help me get immigration. >> reporter: the former maid with gloria allred at her side says whitman engaged in her own form of don't asken don't tell. paying her $23 an hour to clean and perform nanny duty for nine years until june 2009 when whitman started to think about running for governor's office. that's when she was fired. >> i told her don't know me and i have never see you. and you have never see me. she yell understand me? >> reporter: within minutes, whitman fired back. >> we were stunned. just amazed. and we
for governor. meg whitman. >> the giants are in the play- offs just yet. tell you what the signs that the deputy play-off fever is in the air. ktvu at noon starts now. >>> good afternoon. we begin this noontime with a victory for crime fighters in san francisco neighborhood. this morning, an injunction was granted that should help cut back in the warfare between two rival gangs. ktvu long joins us with more from san francisco. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. the city attorney of san francisco says there's two street gang war and that war has left residents living in danger and in fear. today, a judge gave the injunction a green light. >>> homicide, assault, street robberies, random shootings, vandalism, car chases -- part of the long list of crimes the city attorney says can be blamed on two warring gangs. the tower side gang and the down below gangsters. for more than three ars, city attorney says san francisco's visitation valley has been under seige. today, the effort to bring peace to the neighborhood scored a victory. >> to protect the law-abidin
enemiga de la inmigracion indocumentada... pero ahora... a meg whitman le salio...como se dice... el tiro por la culata...---una mujer asegura haber sido empleada por whitman... aun cuando no tenia papeles empleada por whitman... aun cuando no tenia papeles migratorios...?? rodriguez nos trae los detalles. ---pienso claramente que la inmigracion ilegal es un problema aqui en california y en el pais------daniel rodriguez: esto dijo recientemente meg withman durante una entrevista de radio------y no solo lo declara, sino que lo deja manifestado en un folleto de publicidad de su campana llamado contruir una nueva california, en donde claramente dice estar a favor de penas mas severas para empleadores que contraten trabajadores inducumentados y pide inspecciones en lugares de trabajo de empleadores que infringen la ley--- ---hoy la abogada gloria allred durante una conferencia de prensa en los angeles, hablo del caso de nicky diaz, quien trabajo como empleada domestica en la casa de meg withman, a pesar de ser indocumentada------argumenta la abogada que withman sabia de la falta de documento
. their mission: to crack down on pot growth in mission and kcost con tra county. >>> meg whitman on damage control tonight trying to clean up the mess left behind by her former housekeeper. and it could get tough with whitman promising to show proof that an illegal immigrant worked for her. the former housedeeper claims whitman knew she was in the u.s. illegally and fired her last year after deciding to run for governor. >> i told them that i believe in people. and i believe that people deserve a chance. i also told them i don't wish them any harm. i just wanted to help. >> whitman denies the allegations, accusing centilian of falsifying documents when she was hired. the republican candidate says she fired centilian after the housekeeper admitted being an undocumented worker. the damage may already be done. >> she's going to have to face a choice. she either tries to reach out to latinos saying we need to treat these people better or she takes a stand on illegal immigration and thaelts goit's going to hur. >> in a statement tonight, brown, a spokesperson, said, quote, once again meg whitma
curtis' father. >>> the bombshell accusations against meg whitman and the information being released today. >>> good morning. it's thursday, september 30. i'm julie watts. sydnie is off this week. >>> take a quick look at traffic and weather this morning. starting off with tracy, a look at some cooler temperatures on the way? >> oh, yeah. i'm sure many people are happy about this additional cooldown. inland locations today, you are finally getting in on the action. 88 today in concord, 92 in livermore, which hit 102 yesterday. i know you're happy. lower 80s in napa as well as in santa rosa. 80 degrees in vallejo. 77 in san rafael. 75 in oakland. 70 degrees in san francisco. 66 in pacifica. 84 san jose. today we cool down inland, a little more for the bay and also along the coastline. will the cooldown continue through the weekend? you know the weekend just a couple of days away. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast coming up. elizabeth? >> yes? >> traffic, how's it going? >> well, in vallejo we have air traffic alert. westbound 37 all lanes of westbound are still sh
for governor less than an hour to go now before candidates meg whitman and jerry brown go face to face for the first time. the stage is set for debate at uc davis' mondabe center. and we have what's happening inside and outside of the center, ken. >> reporter: right now we are outside the mondave center, right now you are seeing people who are lined up ready to enter into the debate hall. there are also people, this debate starts at 6:00, there are the people who want their voices heard. we have people, it's the area of dominated by supporters of jerry brown. a lot of democratic supporters here are expecting some of the campus republicans to make their way here shortly. that also here, mixed into this quad of supporters and protesters were candidates left out of tonight's debate and students who wanted to make it clear that education should be a key topic of tonight's discussion. >> if this is a democracy they should have the other candidate. the other third party candidate who represents various opinions of issues. >> we want to make sure they bring forward all the issues. not a lot h
damaging evidence expected in the stunning accusations that meg whitman's former housekeeper is making against the republican gubernatorial candidate. the attorney representing the housekeeper promises documents will prove whitman knew her help was here in the u.s. illegally. terry mcsweeney is live at the whitman campaign office in oakland. >> attorney gloria allred is saying she's going to release that new information at 12 noon proving that whitman knew of maid's illegal status 12 years ago. whitman says it's not true. she worked for whitman for nine years until june of last year and that's where the story die verge. that's when diaz told her she was in the country illegally and whitman promptly fired her. she said whitman was treating her like garbage, making her work extra hours and not paying her anymore. letters to the government about the legal status for year. whitman said this is a ger brown smear campaign. >> in her version if the story's right, it's going to look pretty good for her and look a little bit sleazy on the part of the democrats. >> people are cynical. they'll cl
time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. which is really exciting... except i'm at a grocery store. i was just standing here with a carton of oj, and all of a sudden, it was all over the floor. the water, not the oj. and i'm not near my doctor and i'm not really sure what i should do... [ intercom ] clean up on aisle three! [ inhales deeply ] ugh. [ male announcer ] when the unexpected happens, you need a health plan you can trust. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. california were found safe today, praying in k. >>> missing members of a religious sect in southern california were found safe today, praying
a wide variety of temperatures. take a look at those coming right up. >> meg whitman and jerry brown came out swinging in their first debate in the governor's race. all the details just ahead. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> : good morning to you, welcome to wednesday, september 29th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook, let's check in with steve paulson for a look at the weather. is it cooling down? go some. in the 90s, but we are going to add high clouds to the humidity actually comes up a little bit. there is a new twist -- [ inaudible ] >> -- by lake merced and ocean beach it is 52. twin peaks it is 70, that is in the city alone, so the forecasted high, i am throwing a dart here it is so hard. the fog is out there, 72, inland 80s and 90s with higher humidity and clouds from the south. now, here is sal. >> good morning, traffic west -- is doing well westbound on 80 up to the macarthur maze. no problems to the bay bridge and when you get to the bridge it looks okay. also driving on the sunol grade that new express lane so
accused her employer of harshly firing her in the summer of 2009. her employer was meg whitman, the republican candidate for governor. diaz says she came to whitman in june of last year to admit she was here illegally after nine years of working as her housekeeper. she wanted help with an immigration lawyer. whitman didn't help. >> i realized at that moment she didn't appreciate my work and so i -- she was throwing me away like a piece of garbage. >> all the documentation that we had said that she was legal. she had a 1099 on file with the employment agency, driver's license, social security card. we had no reason to believe that she was not legal. >> reporter: in fact, whitman's campaign produce what it says are hiring documents where diaz supposedly confirmed she was eligible to work legally and the supposedly fake social security card and driver's license. but if this happened 18 months ago why didn't whitman say anything until now? >> never came up and i didn't think there was any reason to, you know, put nicky up as an example of someone who was, you know, here illegally.
:00, back to the desk. >> thank you. sal. democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman clashed during their first debate with election day less than five weeks away. it was a critical night in the race for the governor's position -- [ inaudible ] >> -- this morning with reaction to this spirited debate. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam, yes, the first of these three planned gubernatorial debates is now finished, and while both are looking to their next debate, which is this saturday in fresno, both candidates have claimed victory, that is pretty much expected, that is kind of traditional to both call themselves winner, but it is not easy, certainly in this one there were lively and humorous moments and they talked about a variety of issues, there is certainly a difference between the candidates, meg white man the newcomer stayed more on message, sometimes reciting speech lines, jerry brown used humor, analysts say people will disagree on who won because it all depended on exactly what you were looking for. >> people looking for consistency and a predictable messa
called east 18th street. crews capped the leak by about 6:00. >>> meg whitman is moving into the heart of jerry brown territory. right into the heart of oakland. tonight she's making her presence very well-known. robert lyles shows us how. >> reporter: i want you to consider this. oakland voters elected jerry brown mayor twice. in fact, this city is largely democratic. but it is however an office for the republican opponent. so does the fact that meg whitman has leased space right here in the middle of oakland offer a window or is it a view into a political blunder. >> meg whitman's campaign says the gubernatorial hopefully opened this office in mid-july for one reason. >> well, we believe it will be very close. so we need to fight for every vote, in oakland, in san francisco, in san jose, every vote in the bay area. >> reporter: when the cameras arrived, it was easy to see directly into the front windows. but after we informed her campaign of our story tonight, the entire front window was covered with this. >> for anyone who lives in oakland, those of who us live here, we know that of
gloria allred plans to release more evidence that meg whitman knowingly hired an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper. the accusations come as whitman courts the latino vote five weeks before the election. reporting about the possible political fallout. >> we do have to hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers. >> meet meg whitman's former housekeeper of nine years and she's in the country illegally (inaudible) >> can you help me? she was very upset and said no. and you don't know me? and i have never see you. >> from the campaign trail in san jose, whitman fired back. she said she hired nikki through an employment agency. her campaign provided these documents. she falsified social security card and driver's license. as proof the former e-bay ceo had no idea about nikki's legal status. >> as soon as we found she was an illegal immigrant, then we actually did what we had to do as an employer, was to let her go. but all the documentation that we had said that she was legal. >> opponent jerry brown weighed in, too, issuing this statement: once again meg whitman has shown
with reaction from meg whitman. >> meg whitman talked about jobs, education and her apponent. she's accusing jerry brown of using the death penalty as a political pawn. the fate of death row inmate will be decided on the fifth floor of the federal courthouse in san jose. that's where attorneys for the state and condemed inmates michael pour rail less and albert brown are pleading their cases. the attorney general's office wants executions to resume on the 29th with the death of convicted murderer and rapist albert brown. >> to go ahead and push these execution dates i think is unfair not just to the condemned inmates, but to those people who really want to know what is happening with the processor. >> the state claims the process has changed. judge as jeremy foggle claimed when he halted executions in 2006. now the execution rooms are bigger and the staff is better trained, but df attorneys don't buy it. >> they seem to have the same procedure with the same people doing it. and we already have been down this road. we have already seen what that means. and that's why mr. brown deserves a sta
order. >>> coming up: the two words that may have just cost meg whitman half a million votes. the california city that she says is awful. >>> rescued from the war zone in iraq, the extreme measures one bay area woman was willing to take to give this four legged victim another chance. >>> flying dope out of the bay area. >> it would be impossible to smoke up all the marijuana in california. >> coming up in minutes. ,, [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store. we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment. i had an idea to go ahead and put up a couple of items on ebay, and they brought more than our expectations. meg whitman gave me the tools to expand globally. we sell to australia, india... that big blue machine over there? it's going to malaysia on wednesday. with ebay, she created jobs for millions of people. with meg's creativity, she'll be able to create jobs here in california. i'm mariano ruiz and i'm a meg whitman success story. but it may be a tough sell in fresno. she told the >>> meg whitman wants to be governor of california but it may be a tough se
explosión. >> la candidata republicana meg whitman anunció su oposición a la ley 23, que busca reducir la emisión de gases de efecto invernadero. >> por su parte el candidato jerry brown dijo que meg whitman daba un dobel discurso. >> es un motor que se puso en marcha el 2006, la ley para que la próxima dñcada la contaminación por gases se reduzca a niveles de los años 90. >> en eso trabaja jordan. >> incluso aunque algunos temen que las restricciones a la contaminación reducen el empleo, otros ven la otra cara de la moneda. >> hay mucho trabajo. >> pasa por todos los filtros y se limpia. >> estos logros podrían aplacarse en caso de aprobarse la proposición 23. >> meg whitman dice que se opone a la proposición 23, pero apoya una moratoria de 1 año. >> jerry brown acusa a meg whitman de no tomar una postura clara. >> en un mes hicimos este carro. >> y hablando de la proposición 23, un sondero realizado, reveló que los votantes están divididos contra esta ley, un 22% está indeciso. >> los proyectos de ley para brindarle seguro mñdico a las personas sin cobertura en california
y las encuestas dicen que tanto éñ como ella no tiene tiene nada seguro. >>> meg whitman y brown, comparten hacen tajo. >>> sin embargo, otra encuesta dada a conocer el domingo dicen que brown, lidera la contienda con 49%, sobre 44 de meg whitman avisos de campañ han inundado los medios de comunicación. >>> tanto que brown reciéñ sacó la semana pasada el primero pero muy radio. >>> la misma encuesta dicen que el 51 apoyan a brown. >>> aún quedan alguna semana donde se van a interés tennsifi pelea, saben que sin el porcentaje latinos no podrán llegar a capitolio. >>> le vamos a tener re cuando de la jornada que se llevó a cabo ayer en venezuela, pero antes vamos a ver lo que hacen alguna personas que sobrevivir al color intenso en nuestra zona. >>> tomamos refrescos y mucha aguas por el saludable el agua. >>> al regresar temperatura en inicio de semana, calor sigue, detalles no se los pierda al volver. volver. >>> cespeciales de la tarjeta club. como espaldilla de res a $1.99 la libra. y agua crystal geyser por $3.99. y con precios bajos todos los días ahorra en lo que u
. >>> in hours meg whitman and jerry brown face off here at uc davis. who will be in the audience and why organizers believe they agreed to debated here first. >>> good afternoon. we begin with some very avenge shu's moments concerning the health of former president jimmy carter. the 85-year-old former president was taken off a flight in cleveland and rushed to the hospital. he has been traveling it to promote his enthusiasm book and became ill on his way to an early afternoon book signing in cleveland. a hospital spokewoman says the problem was be a upset stomach. he is expected to resume his book tour later this week. >>> oakland police are searching for the gunman who opened fire at a home wounding a 6-year-old girl. she was hit boy a bullet while sleeping in bed. it happened around 2:00 a.m. at her house on seminary avenue on east 16th street. this is not the first time this house has been targeted by gunmen. >> four members of the ramirez family were asleep in the back room when the shooting started. >> i was sleeping and then i just heard a lot of guns shooting. >> karen ramirez che
-davis. this is the first of three scheduled debates between democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman. he has a long political track record. former two-term governor, mayor of oakland, current attorney general. meg whitman is a political newcomer. cbs 5 political analyst james taylor says that could work both ways for her. >> jerry brown is a given known factor for californians. she has to over come that -- she has to convey to them that she is someone that's on their side, that she is in every way committed to the advancement and improvement of the state of california as jerry brown. >> taylor says brown could focus on his political experience, but he has to count on people being impressed with that track record. that debate begins at 6:00 this evening. >>> meantime approval ratings for state lawmakers are at an all-time low. the latest field poll shows only 10% of registered voters approve of how the legislature is doing its job. 80% disapprove. that is the lowest approval rating since the poll started in 1983. >>> governor schwarzenegger has briefly delayed the execution of a convicted killer. bu
and meg whitman stood on the same stage tonight for their first debate both have memorable one liners, brown made light of his past, simon fresh shows us whitman compared her opponent to a vampire. >> putting gerry brown in charge of negotiating with labor unions around pensions, around how many people we have in the state government is like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank. >> she was very aggressive. >> i have a wife, i come home at night i don't try to close down the bars of sacramento like when i was governor of california. >> i thought gerry was funny. >> reporter: the over riding theme of this debate held here on uc davis campus was how to break through the grid lock in sacramento. gerry brown says political experience. meg whitman says that is the problem. >> i have done eight budgets, most on time one was late by a week or two nothing like this mess. i know how to do it i have the will power independence. >> he will bring people together and it will be a meeting of special interests and unions there to collect ious. we have to put a sign on california that onc
forward to squaring up with meg whitman. >> there's been a lot of advertising, most by my opponent. now, i think people will be fully informed on who the republican candidate is and what may plans are. >> reporter: meg whitman didn't talk to reporters today, but her staff says he's ready to lay out plans to turn the state around. the public's been bombarded by political ads. whitman spent a whopping $119 million of her money on the campaign, but the public is hungry for more than the 30-second jabs. >> it's easier to be kind of barbed and critical than when you're in the same room, so i would expect the tone to be squha civil. they'll press each other, but i don't expect them to be pointed as some of the television ads are. >> reporter: things are already heating up outside the debate auditorium. demonstrators are showing how they feel, but it's the undecided voters the candidates are focusing on. they realize they have a lot of prove tonight. >> a lot of times in a lot of campaigns, the first one sets the tone. the first typically thought of as the most important even of many. it's the on
governor's race. a former house keeper for republican candidate meg whitman of ebay fame. sought out the cameras today, and she said whitman knew she was working illegally and did nothing about it. this afternoon whitman answered. here's david wright. >> reporter: just last night in a tv debate against democrat jerry brown, meg whitman hit the immigration issue hard. >> we do have to hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers. >> reporter: today's whitman's former house keeper and nanny for nine years, took center stage in the campaign, revealing she's an illegal immigrant. >> i feel like she has thrown me away like a piece of garbage. >> reporter: nikki diaz said whitman abruptly fired her after she announced her candidacy. >> i was very upset. i said no, you know me. >> reporter: in a state where latinos make up 20% of likely voters, illegal immigration is an especially tricky issue. so this was nothing short of a political bombshell. the whitman campaign said the can dade fired diaz, the minute diaz told her she wasn't allowed to work. the campaign released docu
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